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Personal Profile


Fran Berlioz-Seux, Ph.D

Fran Berlioz-Seux started her 20 years career in the Pharma industry  at Pfizer and after 8 years moved to Vertex pharmaceuticals before joining the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She started her career as a DMPK leader and throughout the years added more responsibilities in other fields e.g.,analytical development, computational sciences, and biomarker. She supported the rapid progression of multiple clinical candidates portfolio in HCV, Antibacterial, Inflammation, Neuro, Oncology, Pain, AATD, Type 1 Diabetes, and Rare Diseases including five marketed drugs: Incivek (TM), Kalydeco (TM), Orkambi (TM), Symkevi (TM) and Trikefta (TM). On June 2021, she joined the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the Discovery and Translational Sciences group asa SPO with the goal to leverage her experience and expertise for the service of underserved population.

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