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Arnab Chatterjee, Ph.D

Arnab Chatterjee, Ph.D is the Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry at Calibr (a division of Scripps Research). He is a leader in preclinical drug discovery having been involved in multiple projects over 19 years. He designed KAF156 (ganaplacide) currently in Phase 3 as a first-in-class multiple life cycle stage anti-malarial that represents the first novel mechanism of action in nearly 40 years after the discovery of artemisinin to address growing artemisinin resistance. In addition, he has discovered multiple other anti-parasitic that have progressed to INDenabling stages for malaria and HIV chemoprophylaxis and for novel anti-cryptosporidial agents in addition to other new chemical entities in preclinical and clinical development in other disease indications. This also includes all medicinal chemistry for CoV-2 related drug discovery for oral, intranasal and parenteral delivery. Arnab's efforts will be focused on the project leadership of these projects and will be conducted by Calibr or conducted by external CROs and overseen by Calibr.

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